an image of Karolin

I am a full-stack web developer and recent graduate from General Assemnbly's Web Development Immersive Program.

I started coding a short while ago and my love of coding grows daily. I love learning something new every day and I really love building functional things that I can share with others.

I used to be a biologist and I did a lot of curriculum development for students. I kept wanting to make things that were exciting, educational, easy to use and fun. Now that my focus has shifted to coding, I still try to make everything with those same values. A lot of work goes into making something seem easy and simple. For me, an elegant solution is a reward in and of itself.

My foundations are in HTML, CSS, Javascript and Ruby on Rails, but I am eager to build my skills and my current interests are D3 and react. Keep a lookout on my portfolio page for more projects!

Thanks so much for visiting!